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Today we will talk about an application that has run on a lot of trends in recent times or we can say that it works as an alternative to WhatsApp. We know that there are many alternatives to WhatsApp, out of which there are many chatting apps like Telegram, Snapchat, IMO and hike, but in recent times one such app has been launched which is emerging as an alternative to WhatsApp. Whose simple name is Signal App, today we will talk about this Signal App review and know whether this Signal App is safe for us? Should we download the Signal app and what is the term and condition in it? Stay tuned with

What is the Signal app?

The signal app is a type of encrypted messaging app through which one can send text messages to each other and at the same time, it also allows video and audio calls. It also supports group chat and video group chat. Experts believe that it is an open-source app whose security and privacy policies are regularly checked.

Who created the signal app?

The Signal app was first created by Moxie Marlinspike, a cryptographer and currently the CEO of the Signal Messenger app. The Signal app we are currently running. Its development was done by Signal Foundation, if we talk about Signal Foundation, then it was started on 20 January 2016.

Now we talk about its co-founder, which is Brian Acton, Brian Acton has been the former founder of WhatsApp, after the new privacy policy brought by WhatsApp in recent days, he made an initial investment of Rs 350 crore in Signal Foundation.

Where was the made?

Signal AppSignal App was created by Moxie Marlinespike and Brian Acton in 2016 in the California City of America Many people have a question about which country it is from, so today we are answering the same. Signal App is an American application.

Is it safe to use the Signal app?

All the free messaging apps we use are not free in the true sense, these apps have our complete personal details, which this free messaging app sells to advertising companies like WhatsApp does if we talk about Signal App. So this is a non-profit application from which it is not earning money The main purpose of Signal Foundation is to secure the privacy of the user Signal does not copy any information of the user so we can say that using Signal app is for usage is

Some features of Signal App

We know that the Signal application is an instant messaging app so it has all the features which are in a normal messaging application like chatting voice call, video call, group call, group video call etc.

There are some features in the Signal app that are different from other messaging apps, so let’s know what these features are.

View message details

The signal application we can see like when the message was delivered, when it was seen and when the message was read. On the Signal app, we can see all the details of the message.

Mention in Group Chat

Just as in WhatsApp we can mention a person in a group chatting, in the same way, we can use this feature in Signal App also, in Mention in Group Chat feature, we can mention any one person like this To do this, you can mention that group member by using the @ symbol, everyone

Delete for everyone

The delete for everyone feature is also seen on the app. This feature was launched by WhatsApp in recent times, through which we send messages that can be deleted from both sides, meaning the sending side and the one who received the message, the message gets deleted on both sides.

Theme option

The signal app, we get the theme option, in this we get two themes, one is the light theme and the other is a dark theme. You have to open the option Appearance Option, you get the option to change the theme

Group QR Code / Link

To add external members to the group we have created in the app, we can use two methods. First, we can use the link of that group. You can share it using another QR code. If any external member scans the QR code then he can easily join that group.

Signal PIN

This is a different feature on the Signal app as compared to other instant messaging apps, through Signal Kin, we can recover our profile settings, contacts and other things. On the font size option signal app, we get the option to charge the phone, by which we can increase or decrease the size of the phone.

Typing Indicator

The way someone is typing.. in WhatsApp, we get to know from the typing indicator, the same feature is also in the Signal app but we can enable and disable this feature in the

 How to download the Signal app?

Signal Messaging app Available in Google Play Store and Apple Play Store which you can download for free. Smartphone users will find it by going to Google Play Store and searching for Signal, then they will get the same users who use iOS, those users can go to the App Store and download the Signal app. If you are not able to download the Signal app then click on the link given below and you can easily download it on your mobile


How to create an account on the Signal app?

When you download the Signal app, then the question comes to your mind: how do you create an account on the Signal app, let us know step by step how do we create an account on the Signal app?

1.)First of all you download the Signal app by going to Play Store or Apple App Store

2 )After downloading the Signal app, you have the option of Continue on it, clicking on it will ask for some permissions, accept it and click Continue

3,)after clicking on the Continue opens a new window that you click the Next  button to enter your mobile number and select your resident

4,)the mobile number you enter is sent by an OTP SMS to your mobile number Which you have to verify.

5 )As soon as the mobile number is verified, you have to enter your name and DP profile picture, in this way your profile is set and you click on the Next button.

6), After the profile is set up, a screen comes in front of you, on which now you have to enter a security pin, this pin is of 4 digits which you have to enter. After creating the pin, after clicking on next, your account will be created on the

 how to use the signal app?

the signal app, it is very simple to use the signal app, in this you have to add your contact number, after adding your group with your friends Can call voice call video call group chat.

If you want to chat with your friends on Signal then it is necessary that this app should be installed on your friend’s mobile. Also if your friend does not have this app installed then you can invite your friend.

How to send encrypted messages from the Signal app?

If you want to send encrypted messages on the Signal app like WhatsApp, then you have to click on the pencil button shown on the screen, this will show the list of all your friends running the Signal app. In that list, select the one to whom you want to send an encrypted message and you can easily send the message.

Signal App for Normal Message Inbox is a feature through which you can message your friends who have not installed the Signal App Normal Message Inbox feature. End-to-end encryption is disabled so that it shows secure SMS.

How to make encrypted voice calls from the Signal app?

To make encrypted voice calls on you, you have to click on the account with the call on the right side, on clicking the call icon, the Signal app will ask you for microphone permission, you have to click on Continue, after which a pop-up screen will appear in front of you. Will ask to start a voice call. Here you have to click on your call, as soon as you click on the call, your voice call will start.

How to make encrypted video calls from the Signal app?

To make an encrypted video call on the Signal app, you have to click on the video icon on the right side, as soon as you click on the video icon, you have to give permission to the microphone and camera. Is.

How to Create a Group in Signal App?

We can create a group like WhatsApp on Signal App, there is a limit of 240 members, which means we can add 240 members to the group only.

1 )First of all, you have to open the Signal app, as soon as you open it, a pencil button appears on your screen, which has to be clicked by clicking on the

2,)pencil icon, you start showing the contact list. Select the group you want to add and click on the next icon.

3,) As soon as you add a member from the contact, in this way a new group is created on the Signal app and you can easily chat with those group members as well as you can make group video calls and group voice calls can also do.

How to Install Signals in a Computer or Laptop?

If you are a laptop or computer user and you want to use the Signal app, then you can install and use this app, let us know how to install the Signal app on a computer or laptop?

The signal app officially supports the following desktop platforms




If you want to install Signal on your desktop laptop then you can install it by visiting the official website of If you are having trouble installing then you can install it by clicking on this link.

If you want to use a Signal app on a desktop or laptop, then you have to keep in mind one thing that it is necessary to install a Signal app on your mobile.

Installing a desktop Linux operating system is a bit difficult. You have to write some commands to install the Signal app from which you can install the Signal app.

Next Step: As

as soon as Signal Apps is installed on the desktop, you have to search by typing on Google Chrome or another browser. After scanning the QR code with your mobile, you can easily use the Signal app on the desktop laptop.

How to Scan Desktop QR Code in Android Device?

1, First of all you have to open the Signal app on the Android device

2, after opening the Signal app, go to the Signal setting

3 After clicking on the Signal setting, you will get the option of Link device there, click on it

4 After going to the link device, you have to click on the + button.

4 After clicking on the +button, the rear camera of your phone will open, so that you can scan the QR code shown on the desktop. As soon as the QR code is scanned, the Signal app will open on your desktop.

How to Scan Signal Desktop QR Code in iOS Device?

1, First of all you have to open the Signal app on an iOS device.

After opening the Signal app, you have to go to the Signal setting.

3 After going to the Signal app setting, you have to click on Link Device

4 After going to Link Device, you have to click onOn clicking New Link Device

5  New Link Device, your rear camera will be turned on and the QR code shown on the desktop scan you can run signal apps easily from the desktop to

signal app vs. WhatsApp Who better ?

New come Privacy policy as many WhatsApp users of WhatsApp took were very angry, causing the people to hear the UN Messenger app signal from them The app was one. The day the privacy policy came on WhatsApp, it was clearly written in it if you accept the privacy or install WhatsApp or deactivate your account from WhatsApp. After this privacy policy, most people downloaded the Signal app, so let’s know which app is better: Signal or WhatsApp.

Signal app and WhatsApp app have their own different features, if we talk about the feature, then the Signal app on WhatsApp has the best features. If we talk about privacy policy, then the Signal app’s privacy policy is much better than WhatsApp.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Signal App

If you want to use Signal App then you should be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages.


It is an open source application

Signal App replaces your default SMS App

No user data on Signal App is sold to advertising companies

Works on Singapore and Tor and Encryption


Signal AppSignal App Mobile number is required to sign up

Signal app does not have all the features of WhatsApp





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