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In today’s world of increasing internet access, you must have heard about E-learning, but the question must be coming to your mind: what is online learning or Electronic-learning? For people who do not know about E-learning, then today we know about the advantages and disadvantages of Electronic-learning in this article.

For many years, everyone is well aware of classroom learning as it is a traditional education method. But the E-learning method is slightly different in which education is given with the help of digital tools.

In this modern era, so many new inventions are happening in the internet and technology that everything has now come in our computer or laptop and smartphone and Electronic-learning is the main example of this.

Due to the lockdown and corona pandemic, all the people had to stay at home, due to which all the schools, colleges, and officers were also closed, so people had to work at home. Learning was not possible through classroom learning of students, so education was started through E-learning.

The biggest difference between Electronic-learning and classroom learning is that in classroom learning, it is taught in an offline classroom, and in e-learning, it is taught online in a virtual way.

Now the question must be coming to your mind: out of these two e-learning and classroom learning, which is the better education method? And can E-learning replace classroom learning in the future? We are going to answer all these questions in this article, so stay tuned till the end.

What is E-learning?

E-learning means “Electronic learning” which means such education in which learning and teaching are done through the medium of digital resources connected to the Internet such as computers, smartphones, laptops. This is also known as online education. Apart from this, it includes many names like web learning, mobile learning, cloud meeting, webinars, and virtual classrooms.

The term e-learning was first used in the year 1990 at a seminar in Los Angeles. But learning was not promoted much at that time because there was no good internet system at that time.

In the present time, the practice of this learning has increased a lot. Because its biggest advantage is that in e-learning, students or teachers can join online classes from anywhere in the world and at any time, so schools, colleges, universities all over the world are promoting electronics education.

Types of Electronic-learning

Basically, it is of two types Synchronous and Asynchronous

 Synchronous E-learning

It is a real-time learning method that means it has a live classroom-like environment in which teacher and student can interact with each other. In synchronous Electronic-learning, teachers and students are connected in a single meeting and there is two-way communication between them.

Which one is considered better than asynchronous e-learning because of having a virtual classroom in synchronous e-learning? In this way, many people can connect online, so the doubts of any subject are easily cleared here because here you can immediately ask your questions to the teacher.

Synchronous Electronic-learning can be connected to the line through the 

  • virtual classroom
  • audio conferencing,
  • video conferencing
  • chat
  • Webinars
  • application sharing
  • messaging Instantly

 Asynchronous Electronic-learning

Asynchronous Electronic-learning is not the method with real-time learning. In this, there is no interaction between student and teacher, which means learner and instructor are not interconnected through any online medium, so in an asynchronous Electronic-learning method, the learner has to do self-study.

It is one-way communication in which the learner learns things through web-based training.

  • Online Courses
  • Blog Website
  • Ebooks
  • Online Forums
  • Video Tutorials

Advantages and Disadvantages of  e-Learning

 while sitting in class is more personal and interactive than Electronic-learning, if we compare learning in class, then there are many advantages to e-learning. Let’s now Know about the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning.


  • The biggest advantage is that you can study from any location according to your time.
  • If there is a problem in studying by going to a classroom, then they can do classes sitting at home with Electronic-learning.
  • In classroom learning, we have to bear the cost of books, notebook pens, and other educational materials, but we do not incur all these expenses in online studies.
  • In Electronic-learning, if you leave your class, then you can watch it again later because a class can be recorded in it, whereas if we talk about classroom learning, then we cannot read it again after missing the class.
  • In classroom learning, the teacher explains the concepts on the blackboard. But Electronic-learning is explained by you to us through things like concept films, graphical presentations.
  • Electronic learning and online education promote independent education i.e. self-education which is a good thing.



  • Through Electronic-learning, the student has to be self-defense and do self-study. Those students who are not serious about their studies suffer.
  • In Electronic-learning, there is no good interaction between teachers and students.
  • Practical knowledge is not available through Electronic Learning or it is difficult to learn practical things.
  • To study with e-learning you need things like wifi internet laptop computer


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