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 Today we will talk about Diksha apps, this question must be coming to your mind about what is Diksha app, how to download it and how the Diksha app is used, so today in this article we will tell you complete information about Diksha app. are going.

Diksha Mobile App is developed by Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing Portal of Government of India and Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The purpose of creating the Diksha app is to focus on e-learning and digital education in this difficult time in Corona. We know that e-learning or online tailoring applications are already available in the market but in Kornak all Indian government has launched a website and app named DIKSHA. So let’s know about Diksha App.

What is Diksha App?

Diksha App is a type of application launched by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Online studies are done through this NCERT related e-textbooks of every state and every medium are available from class 1 to class XII on the Diksha app and all the e-textbooks available here are mapped with QR code.

On this app, the user can study any subject online from class I to class XII, this app can also be used by student teachers and parents. Its special thing is that in this, the user gets the option to choose his state and board, which makes it easy for the students and teachers to read the related subjects.

The study material of the CBSE Board and all other boards are available in Diksha App in different formats like Videos, E-Books, Articles, Text Books, PDF HTML, Epub, Mobi etc. and also for students preparing for competitive exams. Quite a use ful.

Study materials are available in different languages ​​on this App. In this, you can study English as well as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi languages.


Features of Diksha App

Let us know why this app is special from other online e-learning apps? We will talk about the features of this app, what is a feature of this app are, and which we should use.

  • this app is a safe and secure application that has been launched by the Government of India.
  • Anyone can use this app, it can be used by both teachers and students.
  • Study material is available in different languages ​​on this App.
  • The special thing about this app is that the study material of CBSE and State Board is available in it.
  • Study material is available in different formats on this app. like video, pdf, Html etc.
  • On this app, the user can download the study material which he can use offline.
  • There is a share option on this app, which you can share with your friends.
  • You get two different themes on the Diksha app. The first one is the Joy Full Theme and the second one is the Classic Theme.
  • In this, users can join groups with each other.
  • It is very easy to use this app.
  • this app is available in both applications and websites.

   How to download the Diksha app?

this app is available on both website and application format which you can download from Google Play Store. It is very easy to download this app from Google Play Store. You just have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, open Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • As soon as the Google Play Store is opened, you search this app in the search bar.
  • official Diksha app, which you have to download, are facing
  • If you search for this app, you will come across the difficulty in downloading the Diksha app, then you can download it by clicking on the link given below.


How to use Diksha App?

this is quite easy to use as it has a great user interface and a user-friendly one. If you are facing difficulty in using the Diksha app or you do not know how to use it, then you can use it easily by following the steps given below.

  • To use this app, first of all, after installing the Diksha app from Google Play Store, open it.
  • As soon as you open this app, you have to select the language. You choose the language which you know well. Later you can also change the language.
  • How much does your occupation or role play in choosing a language, who are you? Student-teacher or leader, you can choose it according to you, if you have a student, then select the student option here.
  • After choosing your role, on the next screen, you are asked to scan the barcode. If you have government school books, then you will know that QR code is applicable on all the books, by scanning the QR code on the book. You can read the same book on your mobile, to scan this barcode, you have to click on the blue colour button in the app, which will be written on it, type to scan.
  • If you don’t have any book to scan then don’t worry even if you don’t have a book to scan you can still study on this app.
  • If you do not have any book to scan, then you have to choose a vote, for this, you have to first click on the option of the select board below. Select the name of the vote you want to read Ajit’s board book and click on the submit button below.
  • After selecting the board, you have to set your medium and class, in which media you want to read which class book, here you do not need to take tension because all this board medium class you will change later too. can do. After you have selected the board medium and class, click on the continue button at the bottom.
  • After selecting the board medium and class on the Diksha app, a new screen opens in front of you in which you have to choose your state and district. After that click on the submit button. As soon as you click the submit button, your Diksha app will be opened and you will get the books and study material of your choice here.

On Book Collection

Diksha app will get all the books and study material from class 1 to class 12 in different formats like PDF video articles etc.


Here you will get to see the courses organized by different institutions. These courses are different from the syllabus of your school. You can read these courses along with school studies. Very useful and good courses are available free of cost. Huh.


You get the download option on this app, through this option you can download your school’s book or study material and read it offline.


If you have a school book that you want to read on your initiation and on, then you can read it on your mobile by scanning the QR code on your book by using the scan


option, with the help of the profile option You can manage your profile, you can also change your board, medium, class and subject from here and also you can change your state and district from here, you can also change your role with the profile option means you, Student, to teacher and teacher to student group can log in to this app.

Why should one use Diksha Apps?

Diksha App is a great application made by the Government of India. There are many benefits to you by using the app

  • If more and more people use this app then it will promote digital education all over India.
  • With the help of this app, students will be able to read easily as compared to books because, in this, students can read different subjects in an entertaining way like videos and other ways.
  • Various types of tries are available on this app that is not in your books.
  • We can use this app anywhere and anytime.


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