Telegram update | Telegram added new features in the new update


Telegram update. With this update, many new features have been added to the app for the users. It includes many great features including a date bar and calendar view. With the help of these, the app will now become more useful for users. Also, now people will be able to use it more easily than before. Let us know in detail about the new feature that came in the update.

These New Features In Telegram update

Shared Media Page

 Update New date bar has come for Shared Media Page in Telegram update. This will make it much easier for users to find photos and videos according to the month and day. It shows all the photos, videos, files, and music that have been shared in a particular chat. Users can move up and down to quickly scroll through the shared media. Apart from this, users can also pinch to zoom in and out for a better browsing experience. 

Admin approval setting updates

Due to the new admin approval setting in the latest update of this instant messaging platform, admins now get more control. Now he will have control over who can see and join the chat. Apart from this, the Telegram update includes a global chat theme and new interactive emoji. Telegram for iOS will now show the transit time for the shared location. 

update for iOS users

Telegram’s new update for iOS users has been announced on November 3 through a blog post. Along with the announcement, how to use the new features that came in the post-update has also been told. The Shared Media page has also got a new calendar view. It allows users to find media from a specific date. You can also filter shared media by photos or videos, or both. Come to it by tapping on the chat header and then scrolling down. It can then be accessed by clicking on the menu icon.

Added preview option for admin In the new telegram update

 preview option for admin has also come. When any user will click on the link sent for the invite, the Admin Approval feature will be activated automatically. Users will get a button to send the request to the admin. Admins can manage this request through the new bar at the top of the chat. With the help of this new feature, admins can also accept and reject the request of any user. However, before that, they can see his bio and public profile photo.


The 8 new chat themes announced by Telegram in the last update are now reaching iOS devices. Each new theme includes day and night modes and animated backgrounds. It will soon be available for Android users.

Location, Emoji, and some iOS setting updates

Shared locations on iOS will now show transit time with the new update. For this, click on Shared Location. In the new update, users will also get new interactive emoji with a fullscreen effect. Also, Telegram for iOS’s settings has been redesigned to match the style of iOS 15. These new features will make Telegram more useful for users


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