Rubber plant care | Top 5 Requirements for Rubber plant care

rubber plant care

Today we will talk about a rubber plant care that is stylish and its job is to take care of it. It is called a rubber plant. It is very simple to look at and is beautiful. You can apply it both indoors and outdoors.

Rubber plant care can be easily planted in the house. Many home decorators use different varieties of rubber plants to give a better look to homes and offices. Apart from giving a different look to the house, it also purifies the air of the house.

Rubber Plant care

Rubber Plant is also known as rubber fig, rubber plant, rubber tree, is a tropical plant that is mostly found in large quantities in Asia and Australia. The scientific name of rubber is ficus elastic. The rubber plant can be planted in a shady place or both indoor and outdoor.


Rubber Plant 
Local Name Rubber Fig, Rubber Plant, Rubber Tree
Scientific Name Ficus elastica
Order Rosales
Family Moraceae


Important Information About Rubber Plant


This is a type of spectacular plant that needs little sunlight. If you plant the rubber plant in a shady place, it will grow easily. Due to this feature of rubber plants, indoor planting can be done.

Fertilizer Requirement

Less fertilizer is required to grow a rubber plant. If the plant does not grow after a few days of planting, then use organic manure at an interval of 1 month.


The rubber plant care neither tolerates too much cold nor too much heat. The rubber plant can tolerate temperatures ranging from 4 C to 30 C.

Water Requirement

Rubber plants care to require 4 to 5 days of water in a week. It does not require much water if you give water only when the soil starts feeling dry, otherwise do not give it. The correct technique should be used while watering the rubber plant.

Height of Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are up to 30 meters high in the forest and mountains, but if you plant them at home, they can grow only up to 3 meters.

How to take care of a rubber plant?

If any insect or paste gets in your rubber plant, then the pesticide has to be used on the plant.

If you do not allow insects to infest the rubber plant, then you can spray it with neem oil mixed with water.

If the leaves of your rubber plant turn yellow, pluck them immediately. Because yellow leaves spoil the entire plant, pluck off yellow leaves so that new leaves can grow on the plant. And the rubber plant starts growing very fast.


If you want your rubber plant to look more beautiful, then you can clean its leaves once a week with a cotton cloth so that its sign will remain constant.

How to Plant a Rubber Plant?

You can plant rubber plants care in a variety of ways. You can plant it by seed and cutting.

You can plant rubber plant care by buying seeds from the market. To grow a plant from seed, you have to make a good potting mix.

Rubber plants can be planted in the soil by cutting cuttings because many people adopt this method and plant rubber plant care.

If you do not know how to plant by seed and pen, then you can also bring a small tree of rubber plant from the nearest nursery and you can plant these plants by adopting whichever method you like better.

Advantages of Rubber Plant Care

There are various advantages of rubber plants. Right now, if you are experiencing pain or nausea in your stomach, then this plant can prove to be very helpful in removing this problem, just as there are various benefits of aloe vera, in the same way, the rubber plant also has many benefits.

Milk of rubber plant / Latex

Ficus elastica plant produces white milk, which is called the latest, earlier it was used to make rubber, but let us tell you that now only its name will remain as rubber plant, real rubber is extracted from para rubber trees. 

The milky latte that comes out of both these types of rubber plants can irritate the eyes and skin.

Through this article, we have learned about rubber plant care and how we can maintain it. If you have any questions in your mind, then you must ask in the comment below.


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