New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture | Top 10 New Innovative Ideas in Farming

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture

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Due to the increasing global population, today we are focusing on sustainable farming and new agricultural technologies. Along with this, we are looking for those options so that we can supply food grains to the increasing population. Today in this article we will know about the Top 10 New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture.

In the present times, a lot of agritech startups and traditional farmers are coming up with the latest solutions and know why not to improve production in the food value chain. Examples of this are cloud-based solutions and other innovative agricultural management techniques. With the help of these techniques, we are trying to increase the efficiency for the farmers and produce more crops.

To make these efforts successful, with the help of new technologies, we can improve the efficiency and development of agriculture and farmers to increase new innovation idea in agriculture and reduce the effects of climate change.

Why is innovation important in agriculture?

By January 2021, the global population has reached 7.8, leaving one out of every 7 people on Earth facing starvation. Due to this, the pressure on the farmers to increase their productivity is increasing continuously. Farmers have to do this productivity while maintaining environmental and economic efficiency. Farmers are often faced with a lot of hard work in which they have to produce more for the plant and crop at minimum cost. When there is unforeseen climate stability then they become capable of producing. So why do we need such techniques? And this technology brings a revolution in the innovation of agriculture. This technology is necessary for innovation in agriculture to manage the farm and orchard.

These technologies and techniques are important to allow current and future generations of farmers to grow without compromising on the needs of the earth.

So let’s know 10 such innovative ideas that will help agriculture and today’s farmers to achieve accuracy and increase its productivity.

Top 10 New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture

1. Drone Technology In Agriculture

in addition to medical delivery and protection aid, it is now also being used in agriculture, so that it will maintain the time and safety of farmers. You must have heard the word search a lot but many people do not know what a drone is.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Drone Technology

“The drone is a type of unmanned aircraft. Drones were initially known informally as unmanned aerial vehicles or unmanned aircraft systems. It is a type of flying robot that can be controlled from a distance.”

By using innovative techniques like Dawn we can spray insecticide, fungicide etc in our fields. With this, the condition of the crop can be evaluated for better yield. It is one of the best examples of innovation in agriculture.

2. Bee Vectoring 

If we talk about innovative new ideas in agriculture then Bee Vectoring is a new technology. This technology is developed by a Canadian company in integrated form management and pest control Bee Vectoring. So let’s know what Bee Vectoring is.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Bee Vectoring 

“Bee vectoring is a technique in which commercial bees are reared and these constraints are used to solve highly targeted pest and disease management through biological control.”

A fungus called BVT-CR7 or Vectroride, used in this technique prevents various types of diseases from occurring in plants. This Vectoride Solution is placed into beehives. By which the bees collect this solution and spread it to the plants grown in the fields. This solution increases disease resistance in plants, as well as increases plant growth and their shelf life naturally. In this way, with the help of this new technology, we can help in the growth of plants without chemical pesticides.

3. Digital Soil Maps

When we talk about traditional agriculture, we always have to depend on the availability and stability of the land. If we want to bring innovation in agriculture, then we must have available data about the compatibility of the local area with all those possibilities of agriculture. We can now use digital soil map technology to overcome this problem.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Digital Soil Maps

“The creation and the population of a geographically referenced soil database generated at a given resolution by using field and laboratory observation methods coupled with environmental data through quantitative relationships.” – The International Working Group on Digital Soil Mapping

To develop this technology, the Africa Soil Information Service is providing sub-Saharan Africa. This new technology uses new analytical statistics, field training and even crowdsourcing to accurately determine the data for the location of a potential crop.

4. Vertical Farming

Talk about innovation in agriculture and it cannot happen that the name of vertical farming should not come. Due to urbanization, increasing population and industrial development in the countries, there is a shortage of agricultural land for farms. One-third of the cultivable land has already been lost in the last 40 years due to industrial development and urbanization. Vertical farming is a great innovative idea to solve this problem.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Vertical Farming

“Vertical farming is the practice of producing food and medicine on vertically inclined surfaces and integrating into other structures (such as in a skyscraper, used warehouse, or a shipping container)”

Vertical farming is the technology of growing crops in the dream as well as it can be done integrated into other structures buildings. Vertical farming is a great solution to meet the ever-increasing population and increasing food demands. Vertical farming can produce more crops with less space. Farmers can also use vertical farming in the greenhouse, which means that they will not have to depend on the damage caused by the climate and the production of seasonal crops. Due to this the farmer can cultivate and produce different crops throughout the year.

5. Minichromosome Technology

To enhance the genetic traits of plants, genetic engineers have developed a new technology, its name is Mining Chromosome Technology.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Minichromosome Technology

“Minichromosome technology allows for the stacking of genes side-by-side on the same chromosome thus reducing the likelihood of segregation of novel traits.”

By manipulating the minichromosome by genetic engineering, biofortification is performed to increase or complete the nutritional content of the crop. Under this technology, a small amount of genetic material is used. Due to which traits such as drought tolerance in crops arise, which improves crop resistance.

6. Indoor Vegetable Farms

Singapore has recently started using tech-powered indoor vegetable farmsteads to supplement its supply of fruits and vegetables. Which has been supported by the global electronics giant Panasonic. Singapore is believed to be the first of its kind licensed technology in the country to allow sustainable production of radishes and spinach.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Indoor Vegetable Farms

“This method of farming often implements growing methods such as hydroponics and utilizes artificial lights to provide plants with the nutrients and light levels required for growth. Indoor farming is a method of growing crops or plants, usually on a large scale, entirely indoors.”

Environmental and climate change can be reduced by using indoor vegetable forms of the farmer. With this Shiva can save his time and money.

7. Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) 

This is similar to a bar code but it works more efficiently and widely in farm settings and can be read invisibly from a distance with the help of this technology. Unlike barcodes, pupils can be programmed under this technology and can contain up to 2 KB of data. This data includes information such as location, date and time.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)

“RFID is a type of technology that uses radio waves to capture information fixed on an object.”

Croptracker technology tracks harvesting, storage and packing of crops using RFID. What’s unique is that OR uses automation to reduce data error and allows for increased traceability and faster recall management when needed. It reduces the costly risk of human error by using an organisational process. To increase the loyalty and trust of the customer, it can know about the origin of the product.

8. Real-Time Kinematic

Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) is a new technology used to increase the accuracy of GPS signals. RTK improves GPS satellite tracking with field-based receivers to more accurately estimate farm yields and costs. This technology eliminates most standard GPS errors for centimetre-level accuracy.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Real-Time Kinematic

This technique is being used for land surveys aiming to align the best half-density and treatment plan with the land being planted.

9. Harvest Quality Vision (HQV) Technology

When we do harvesting of fruits and vegetables in large quantities at one time. This means that we are keeping these crops in storage without grading them. When crops are harvested by humans, there is sorting and crop loss. We use this technology to solve all these problems.

New Innovative Ideas in AgricultureHarvest Quality Vision (HQV) Technology

“Harvest quality vision (HQV) is a type of new technology in which the quality and quantity of the crop are monitored. This technology uses computerized scanners to capture and determine the quality and quantity of crops.”

This software alerts you whenever there is a disease, defect or quality loss in the crop so that the grower can quickly correct his actions in the harvesting process. HQV helps farmers to produce certain quality and consistent crops, which increases the revenue of the farmer and the farm. At present this software is used for grading and sorting apples. This technology will soon be introduced in grading and sorting systems in other crops as well.

10. Laser Scarecrow

We know that the fight between farmers and birds has been an ongoing struggle. Pests in birds such as blackbirds and crows can damage crops up to 75 per cent within 48 hours. Due to this, there is a huge loss in revenue. There are many technologies available for all of them but their benefits are less. In this connection, today we will talk about one such innovative idea. Its name is Laser Scarecrow.

New Innovative Ideas in Agriculture - Laser Scarecrow

“The laser Scarecrow projects a green laser light system not visible to humans into the Sun. Bihari is effective due to the sensitivity of birds to colour. It has been invented by a researcher at the University of Technology Island to keep birds away.”

Lasers are a form of technology that is solar-powered and come with an auto-targeting system for birds. This technology has been developed by several pest control companies who claim that this device can prevent up to 90% crop loss.



Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act 2001 


Today we are going to know in this article that the rise of technology along with the need for high productivity has opened a wealth of understanding not with the collection of accurate data. You can increase the productivity and efficiency of farmers by using all these new innovative ideas in agriculture.



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