Maharashtra BJP tells MLAs to be in Mumbai by tomorrow

Maharashtra BJP tells MLAs to be in Mumbai by tomorrow


Mumbai: The Maharashtra BJP, which till recently was lying low, has finally come out of the shadows. On Monday evening, hours after the Supreme Court in an interim order gave time to the rebel MLAs to avoid disqualification, the BJP called its core committee meeting to discuss the political developments. The BJP, according to sources, has called its MLAs and also independent MLAs to Mumbai by Wednesday.

After the meeting, BJP leader Sudhir Mungantiwar said, “In the light of the current instability in the government, we discussed the role we should be playing and we have decided to continue to wait and see. As soon as the situation changes, the core committee would meet again and take a decision that would benefit the people of the state and take the state forward.”

The BJP leader claimed that there was no proposal about government formation or that they had received any proposal from the Eknath Shinde camp for forming a government. But, Mungantiwar’s statements and the party asking its MLAs to be in Mumbai was a sign that there could be something in the offing.

Mungantiwar said the BJP core committee meeting had taken note of the Shinde group wanting to support a BJP-led government. “The party has noted the demand of the Eknath Shinde group, once more groups come forward, the core committee would once again meet again and then take an appropriate decision. Right now, we have evaluated the situation and have decided to wait and see. In the coming days, the BJP will have a discussion on an appropriate step.”

Mungantiwar said that the party did not agree with the Uddhav Thackeray camp’s assertion that the Shinde camp MLAs were rebels. “I don’t think it is right to call them rebels, as they currently have the two-thirds number. The saffron flag that they are holding is bereft of fear, lust, or lobbying power.

The BJP leader said that as of today the party does not feel the need to call for a ‘floor test’ for the MVA government. He, however, added they haven’t got any proposal from the Shiv Sena Group leader Eknath Shinde camp as yet.



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