For Agronomy

Agronomy Books for JRF/ M.Sc

1. Principal of Agronomy – Raddy Raddy

2. Principal of Agronomy – SR Raddy

3. Textbook of Crop Production By Rajendra prasad -VOL 1, VOL 2, COMBO

4. Weed Science By T.K. Das

5. Agronomy Terminology by Indian Society of Agronomy

6. Irrigation Agronomy by SR Reddy

7. Crop Nutrition – Principles and Practices by Rajendra Prasad 

8. Soil Science by V.N. Sahay

9. Objective Agronomy for aspirants of ICAR -by Thavaprakaash and Velayudhum 

10.Agronomy Treatise