How to Start Dairy Farming business plan 2022

How to Start Dairy Farming business
How to Start Dairy Farming Business

The business of Dairy Farming business will not be like every other enterprise. This enterprise will not be as simple as it sounds. It takes a variety of laborious work to run this enterprise correctly. So if you’re considering beginning this enterprise, then you have to learn this text of ours. In this text, as we speak we’re going to let you know what are the issues that have to be taken care of in beginning this enterprise.

How are you able to run this enterprise correctly? But to start with, you’ll want to know what’s the standing of this enterprise in our nation and the way a lot of revenue you’ll be able to earn by this.

Introduction to Dairy Farming business

No matter what the season is and it doesn’t matter what the place is “There is always a great demand for milk” in India. Due to the population improvement and consumption of milk is tremendously growing day-to-day. The rising unemployment and people who find themselves searching for beginning a dairy farm lately are virtually doubled. Milk manufacturing in India is predicted to develop at about 3 to 4% yearly.

There are many individuals who need to get into the small-scale or large-scale Dairy Farming Business. However, resulting from a lack of information and preliminary funding concerned they’re unable to arrange a dairy unit. We advise you to not get into this Dairy Farming Business until you dedicate your time and effort to your farm around the clock. You are usually not essentially beginning a dairy farm on an industrial scale; you can begin on a small-scale enterprise and increase it to a big scale as soon as you might be conscious of ins and outs of dairy farming.

Indian Dairy Farm Business Demand And Profit

According to a financial survey carried out in the course of the yr 2015-16, India ranks first in milk manufacturing. India produces 18.5% of the world’s milk manufacturing. This means that there’s a lot of demand for this business in our nation. At the identical time, milk is such a product you can earn cash even by exporting it.

At the identical time, in line with a report introduced by the Government of India not too long ago, a rise of 23.77% has been registered in the revenue of dairy farmers from the yr 2014 to the yr 2017. Not solely this, there was a rise of 20.12% within the manufacturing of milk within the nation within the yr 2016-17 as in comparison with the yr 2013-14. It may be estimated from this that not solely milk but additionally the revenue of the farmers related to this commerce has elevated considerably.

Cost of setting up small and large scale dairy farm Businesses in India

You can begin this business on a small, medium, and huge-scale additionally. If you do not need cash to purchase numerous buffaloes or cows, then you’ll be able to open this enterprise by protecting solely 4 buffaloes. But keep in mind that the extra milk you get from these buffaloes, the extra your revenue can be.

That is, in case you maintain 4 buffaloes, then you’ll get revenue however not a lot. On the opposite hand, if the variety of these buffaloes or cows is elevated, then your revenue may even improve. Below we now have given you some data associated with opening a dairy farm at three ranges.

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large scale dairy farming business in India

You might have to speculate as much as 20 lakh rupees to open such a dairy farm. You should maintain at least 30 buffaloes on this dairy. On the opposite hand, if a buffalo provides you 10 liters of milk a day, then in line with 30 buffaloes, you’ll get 300 liters of milk for the day to promote. On the opposite hand, in case you promote this milk at the price of 40 rupees per liter, then you’ll get a revenue of 12000 thousand rupees for the day. At the identical time, this quantity can be 3,6,0000 in line with the month.

At the identical time, in line with these figures, you may get a concept of ​​how a lot of revenue you’ll be able to earn. However, this revenue contains the bills incurred on protecting the buffalo and the price of paying salaries to the workers.

Medium-scale dairy farming business

To run such a dairy farm, you’ll need 7 to 10 lakh rupees. At the identical time, you’ll need at least 15 to 18 buffaloes or cows to start out this enterprise. On the opposite hand, if we discuss your earnings, then you may get a revenue of as much as 1.5 lakhs by opening a dairy farm of this degree. On the opposite hand, in case you improve the variety of buffaloes or cows, then your revenue will improve additional.

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Small scale dairy farming business

You may also open a dairy for much less cash. To begin this enterprise on a small scale, you’ll need 5 buffaloes or cows. At the identical time, when taking these buffaloes, be sure that they’re of fine breed and should give at least 10 liters of milk in a day. By opening a dairy on a small scale, you can also make a revenue of fifty to 70 thousand rupees per thirty days.

Where to Buy Buffalo (Place To Buy Cow For Dairy)

How to Start Dairy Farming
How to Start Dairy Farming Business

Many kinds of help are being given by the Government of India to advertise the enterprise of dairy farms. You should buy a buffalo or a cow by a portal created by the federal government. The hyperlink to this portal is as follows –  By visiting this hyperlink, you’ll get details about many breeds of buffaloes or cows. Not solely this, in order for you, it’s also possible to purchase or promote them by this portal. Apart from the above mentioned hyperlink, it’s also possible to purchase buffalo by visiting one other hyperlink. This hyperlink is as follows.

Apart from online, it’s also possible to purchase buffalo from the farmer of any close by village. By doing this, you’ll get buffalo a bit cheaper and you may stay in revenue.

Price Of Cow In India

How to Start Dairy Farming
How to Start Dairy Farming Business

The value of buffaloes or cows is determined by the idea of their breed. If you purchase a superb breed of buffalo, then it’s going to price you as much as 30 thousand rupees. On the opposite hand, if the breed of buffalo will not be superb, then you should purchase buffalo for 20 thousand solely. At the identical time, you’ll be able to simply get cows at a low cost.

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Things to keep in mind while buying buffalo or cows

Many kinds of breeds of buffaloes or cows are seen everywhere in the world and every breed of buffalo provides a unique quantity of milk. Therefore, purchasing solely these buffaloes for your online business, that are helpful for your online business. On the opposite hand, Jersey Cattle, Holstein cattle breed, and Sahiwal breed buffaloes are appropriate for this enterprise. Jersey Cattle have the capability to offer 15 to 18 liters of milk.

Food given to buffaloes or cows – ( buffalo healthy food)

If you anticipate your buffalo or cow to offer you a variety of milk, then you need to let your buffalo eat accordingly. The skill of any buffalo or cow to offer milk is determined by what sort of meals it eats. Therefore, you need to take excellent care of consuming buffaloes. At the identical time, the meals given to buffaloes or cows contain dry fodder and recent grass, aside from this, many kinds of minerals are additionally given to the buffalo.

Process Of Opening A Dairy Farming Business

How to Start Dairy Farming
How to Start Dairy Farming Business

Selecting Location- ( land required for dairy farm in India)

Before beginning this enterprise, it’s best to select a spot. Where the buffaloes or cows bought by you may be stored. Before opening any kind of dairy, it is rather essential to pick out the placement. Get to know effectively what sort of water facility is there at that place. Because a variety of water is drunk by buffaloes or cows. Therefore, select such a spot, the place you may get free water. At the identical time, a fan can be wanted to offer air to buffaloes or cows during the summertime season. For which be sure that there’s electrical energy facility there.

Open your dairy solely on one or two acres of land. Because the extra open area, you’ve got, the higher it is possible for you to maintain the meals objects given to buffaloes or cows.

Construction work in the selected location

After selecting the place, you need to make some rooms for protecting buffaloes or cows in that place. So that within the winter season buffaloes or cows may be stored in these rooms. Apart from the rooms, you need to make a terrace with the assistance of tin. Buffaloes or cows may be simply stored below that roof. Apart from this, for the comfort of giving them fodder below the roof, additionally, you will construct an area within the field form.

So you can put meals objects for them within the box-shaped place. On the opposite hand, aside from the issues talked about above, you’ll need three to 4 extra rooms. In these rooms, it is possible for you to maintain their meals objects, milk utensils, and different issues.

Selection of individuals (recruitment of staff)

You will want some individuals to exploit the buffaloes, feed them on time, and clear them. So you need to rent some individuals for this work.

Extraction of milk from buffaloes or cows

The subsequent process is after choosing the individuals within the technique of extracting milk from the buffaloes. Milk may be taken from buffaloes twice a day. At the identical time, give directions to the individuals engaged in this work to take away milk with cleanliness. After the milk comes out, store all of the milk in a single place. After which you’ll be able to promote this milk.

way of doing Dairy farming business

There are two methods to do that enterprise. Under the primary methodology, you’ll be able to promote milk to any firm. There are many such corporations in our nation, which purchase their milk each day from milkmen. On the opposite hand, you’ll be able to open your organization and promote milk straight available in the market. However, you’ll have to work a bit tougher to open your organization.

But as soon as your organization begins operating then additionally, you will get good revenue. Not solely this, by beginning an organization, it’s also possible to promote different merchandise comprised of milk. Such as merchandise like curd, cheese, butter, and so on. On the opposite hand, in case you begin an organization, then remember the issues given beneath.

Dairy Farming Business Registration ( License Process )

If you wish to promote milk by opening your organization, then you need to get your organization registered for this. To get the corporate registered, you need to assume a reputation in your firm. At the identical time, you may get the title of your organization registered by going to the workplace of the native authority. Apart from this, you may even have to get a commerce license, FSSAI license, and VAT registration. You may even spend a bit of a bit within the course of those licenses and registrations.

Packaging And Labeling For Dairy Farming Business

If you save milk by your organization, then you’ll have to make packets to promote milk. On these packets of milk, additionally, you will have to offer the knowledge of your organization and on which day the milk is packed. This data may even be given on the packet. At the identical time, to get these packets made, you’ll have to contact the service provider who does the work of getting ready such packets.

Marketing of your Dairy Farming business

It is essential to advertise the title of your organization so that folks can know that an organization with this title exists. By selling the corporate, individuals will get details about the products made by you. So that your online business will profit. You can promote within the newspaper for promotional work.

Dairy farming business facts

Caution needed

Give solely the correct meals to buffaloes. If you allow them to eat spoiled meals, it might probably spoil their health. Apart from this, occasionally, the buffaloes had been getting examined by the animal physician. Not solely this however many kinds of vaccinations are additionally given to buffaloes in order that they don’t get any illness.

Business Start-up Costs And Loan Facility

If you might be dealing with any monetary crunch in beginning this enterprise, then you’ll be able to take a mortgage from the financial institution. At the identical time, to advertise this enterprise, many kinds of subsidies are being offered by the federal government. At the identical time, earlier than taking a mortgage from any financial institution, be sure that you’ll have to repay that mortgage at what rate of interest and inside how a lot of time.


In this article, we know about the Dairy Farming business, Indian Dairy Farming Business Demand, Profit, Dairy farming business facts, Packaging And Labeling For Dairy Farming Business, and Where to Buy Buffalo, if you like this share it with friends and comment on your opinions on the comment box.


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