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BAU – Bihar Agriculture University

Bihar Agriculture University, sabour was established on 5th August 2010. Which has been recognized by ICAR for degree programs of colleges in the year 2015-16. From which the student can take this undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree. There are 6 colleges and 12 research stations under this university and this college and research station is spread over 3 agro-ecological zones of Bihar. 21 KVKs have been established in 20 districts out of 25 districts falling under this university. Bihar Agriculture University is an ISO 9000:2008 certified organization.

Bihar Agriculture University is a basic and strategic institution that supports more than 500 researchers and academicians, besides building the capacity of farmers and extension workers. The main objective of Bihar Agriculture University is to improve the quality of life of the people.

BAU Notes Pdf

1st Semester Notes


Fundamentals of Agronomy  – AAG 111 DOWNLOAD
Agricultural Heritage – AAG 113  DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Horticulture – AHT 111 DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry and Biotechnology – AME 111 DOWNLOAD
Fundamental of Soil Science – ASC 111 DOWNLOAD
Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology – AEE 111 DOWNLOAD
Rural Sociology And Educational Psychology – AEX 101  DOWNLOAD
Comprehension and Communication Skills in English – AEE 112 DOWNLOAD
Introductory Biology – ABP 111 DOWNLOAD
Elementary Mathematics – ASM 111 DOWNLOAD
Human Value and Ethics – AEE 113 DOWNLOAD


2nd Semester Notes


Principles of Agricultural Economics – AAE 121  DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Crop Physiology – ABP 121 DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education – AEE 121 DOWNLOAD
Communication Skills and Personality Development – AEE 122 DOWNLOAD
Soil and Water Conservation Engineering – AEN 121 DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Genetics – APG 121 DOWNLOAD
Agricultural Microbiology – ASC 121 DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Plant Pathology – APP 121 DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Entomology – AEZ 121 DOWNLOAD


3rd Semester Notes


Agriculture Finance and Cooperation – AAE 211 DOWNLOAD
Crop Production Technology – AAG 211 DOWNLOAD
Livestock and Poultry Management – AAG 212 DOWNLOAD
Environmental Studies and Disaster Management – ABP 211 DOWNLOAD
Farm Machinery and Power – AEN 211 DOWNLOAD
Statistical Method – ASM 211 DOWNLOAD
Agriculture Informatics – ASM 212 DOWNLOAD
Fundamentals of Plant Breeding – APG 211 DOWNLOAD
Crop Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices – AHT 211 DOWNLOAD


4th Semester Notes


Agriculture Marketing Trade and Prices – AAE 301 DOWNLOAD
Farming System and Sustainable Agriculture – AAG 301 DOWNLOAD
Introductory Agrometeorology and Climate Change – AAG 223 DOWNLOAD
Renewable Energy and Green Technology (Practical Manual) – AEN 221 DOWNLOAD
Problematic Soils and Their Management – ASC 221 DOWNLOAD
Crop Production Technology – II (Rabi Crops) DOWNLOAD
Principle Of Seed Technology DOWNLOAD
Production Technology of Fruit and Plantation Crops DOWNLOAD
Renewable Energy and Green Technology – AEN 221 DOWNLOAD


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