13 gardening tips for beginners : Easy to use

gardening tips

Do you want to start gardening? But you do not know how to start, so come today I will give you such useful gardening tips which will help you in not starting the garden.

13 gardening tips for beginners


 Selection of Site /Decide on the location of the

garden To prepare any garden, its location is first seen where it is located and at the same time it is seen that in which direction the front side will be in the garden And taking care of all these things in which direction does the east fall, we choose the location,

As when we build a house, we see in which direction the kitchen will be, as well as in which direction the door of our house is. Keeping all these things in mind, we prepare a house, in the same way we prepare the garden,

your garden should be in a place where your eyes keep reading on it. For example, if you sit more on the balcony, then you should make a garden in front of your balcony. If you go very little to the terrace then you should not think of making a garden in that terrace because you do not go much there. We should make a garden in such a place where water can be easily available as well as the land there should be flat.

If you have a small space for the garden in your house, then you can use these gardening tips to plant 10 to 15 plants there, along with the windows and the place where the sunlight falls, you should plant a wooden and iron shelf on it.

Select the Garden Inn of your choice.

When you are starting gardening for the first time, you can do the gardening of your choice like what type of garden do you want, you want a flower garden or you want a kitchen garden. Other herbs and ornamental plants are planted such as coriander, garlic, tomato, chili, etc.

Selection of soil

when the soil in the garden is very important, you must pay attention to it. You can prepare the soil for gardening yourself or you can buy it from the market, nowadays potting soil is available in the market in the name of cocopeat. If you are gardening on the land, then you must definitely check the land, if the land is fertile then your garden will be as good. The soil of the pot should be such that it has good drainage aeration and humus. Many people are unable to use pots, so plastic fiber pots can be used for them.

Selection of pot /Pay attention in the pot selection

of pots, there are two types of pots available in the market, one is clay or terracotta, the other is plastic fiber. If you want to do good gardening, then you should do the soil in terra cut pots because the growth of plants in it is very good, fibre or plastic pots are for those people who are practically soil pots for them. not find them can use pots of these to be two to three holes in pots kept in mind plastics have

Essential tools purchased

as necessary gardening tips, if you do choose a place and take good soil ready The work remains that you buy a necessary good tool like a punning caesar which is used for harvesting plants, from apart this, a spade is needed to find the land, to open the soil and fork is needed for cleaning and pouring water. For you it is very important to buy a watering can because water is the only thing. is forest. If plants get disease, then we should also buy spray bottles to prevent it.

make a list of selected plant

If you want to start gardening, then you should know these gardening tips on which plants should be planted in our garden. This garden’s interesting lesson is to select plants, for this, if you do a little research, it would be great if

You should prepare a long list for selecting a monk, in which you should make a list of big plants, herbs, indoor plants, flower plants etc. . In the beginning, make a list of only those plants that you can take care of.

 Plan before planting,

whether you are doing Garden Inn on the ground or on the terrace or balcony, you should have prepared the set up along with the complete planning so that you do not have problems later, while preparing the planning setup of gardening, the following things It should be taken care of being kept

which plants have to protect from direct sunlight, which plants need more or less sunlight, which plants are planted in Indore, which plants are planted outdoors, all these things should on one side. Whose nutrient demands and water demand are the same so that we can put water in a way.

8, start planting

If you fulfil all the requirements of the garden, after that you should start with these gardening tips. You can do this work every week like sowing the seeds in the first week and preparing their seedlings. Keep in mind that it should be planted at a depth of three to four times the size of the seed. Next week you bring some nursery plants and after 4 or 5 days or weeks, carefully transfer them to the pot according to the plants

Follow the right way of Irrigation

gardening tips of watering Research the water demand of any plant before watering it. Do it because some plants require less water while some plants need more. Plants die from giving. In summer and winter, we should put more water on the plants and if it is the rainy season then we should add water sparingly because the rainwater fulfils the water demand of those plants.

Use organic manure.

At present, the use of chemical fertilizers has become very high, keeping this in mind, we should use organic fertilizers. Because these organic manures are beneficial for our body and environment, organic manure like vermicompost, dung manure, leaf manure etc. should be used. If you want to do gardening in your home for a long time, then you should know the method of making compost because it also saves us the cost of fertilizer and we also reduce the damage to our health and environment.

 Prevention of pests and diseases

If there is no outbreak of insect diseases on any plant, we should keep an eye on it. Sometimes it starts spreading around the low plants and it becomes so rampant by filing that it can cause a lot of damage to our garden. Neem oil mixed with water can be sprayed once a month to protect it.

How to make a garden dairy

These gardening tips are very useful. Garden Diary Garden Diary is a diary in which we write in that diary the daily work we do in Garden Inn. Which is very helpful for us. This lets us know when we last fertilized, when we planted seeds or when cuttings were planted, the information written for the next year will be very helpful and you will gradually become a famous gardener.

Be creative, keep creativity in 

yourself, keep thinking about new ideas, keep using them. You can make your garden unique by giving beautiful colours to the extravagant things lying in the house by giving the boxes in the shape of a pot, you can keep the plants in a new way, not a plant, use them as decorative pieces and make your home more stylish.

I hope you enjoy these 13 gardening tips.


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